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IFB 7Kg Top Load Washing Machine (TL-SPGS)

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Model: TL-SPGS



  • Aqua Energie
  • Triadic Pulsator
  • Bi-axial Movement
  • 3D Wash System
  • Crescent Moon Drum
  • Machine Level Indicator
  • Lint Tower Filter

Hot Wash

State of the art heater technology tested to last atleast 10 years. Scale proof, rust proof and even saves you energy while giving you 99.99% germ free wash.


Removing allergens, giving you fresh, clean clothes that are 99.99% germ free, keeping allergies at bay. Essential for home with kids.

3D Wash

Soaks clothes thoroughly to deliveran excellent wash.

Power Steam

99.9% germ free coth with a dual steam cycle and hot wash upto 60 Degrees Celsius. Get the highest level of hygiene for your laundry.

Bi Axial Movement

Enables both vertical and horizontal movement of clothes in the drum for unifomr soaking and washing.

Crescent Moon Drum

Smooth crescent moon grooves on the drum surface creates a gentlewater cushion that prevents damage to fabrics.

Tub Clean

This feature make sure that the tub remains clean for the next wash. 

Child Lock

Freezes the machine settings to prevent children playing with them.

Auto Imbalance Vibration Control

Smart sensing mechanism to detect and correct any imbalance during spin.

Lint Tower Filter

Traps lint and loose microfibres during washing which otherwise are drained, affecting the environment. easily removed for cleaning.

Triadic Pulsator

Soft scrub pads removes stubborn dirt. Powerful swirl jets dislodge dirt from fabrics. mechanical centre punch action pushes out the dirt.

Stain Fighter

Special program that easily washes out the most stubborn stains. For best results use this programm within 48hrs of clothes getting stained.

Additional information

Weight 37 kg
Dimensions 570 × 920 × 590 mm
Washing Machine Type

Fully Automatic

Loading Type

Top Load

Load Capacity

7 KG



Star Rating

5 Star




Water Consumption

18 Litres (L/kg/cycle)

Wash Program Options

Hot Wash Temperature Selection(30,40,60), Water Inlet Selection/Temperature(Cold), Water Level Selection(10), Wash Time Selection(3-20 Mins), Soak Time Selection (38/48/58 Mins) , Rinse Time Selection(1-5 Mins), Spin Time Selection(1- 9 Mins), Air Dry Time Selection (120 Mins), Spray Rinse Time Selection(1-5 Mins), Tub Clean, Delicates, Hygiene/Anti-Allergen, Jeans, Sportswear, Fourite, saree, Power Wash(Mix/Dry), Quick Express Wash


Jeans, Delicates, Blankets, Sports Wear, Saree

Additional Features

Heater, Power Steam, Stain Fighter, Triadic Pulsator, Bi Axial Movement, Smart Sense, Crescent Moon Drum, Machine Level Indicator, Lint Tower filter, Water Recirculation Pump, Silent, Programm Memory Backup, Auto Tub Clean, Aqua Energie, 3D Wash, High Low Voltage Protection, Auto Imbalance System, Child Lock, Soft Close Door, Drum Lamp, Water Recirculation Pump, Machine Mobility, Delay Start, Spray Rinse
Water Supply: 0.3 Bar – 10 Bar
Energy Consumption : 0.013kWh

Indicators & Alarm


Program Selector Knob


Controller type

Membrane with Tactile Switch


4 Years Super Warranty + 10 Years Spare Parts Support + 10 Years Motor Warranty, Included Components – User manual + Warranty card, washing machine, Hose drain, hose inlet, back cover

Power Supply

220 – 240V, 50Hz

Country of Origin



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