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Bajaj Compagno 25L Storage Water Heater Geyser


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Model: Maestro 25L



  • Efficient long life copper heating element
  • Shock Resistant ABS Body
  • Magnesium Anode Rod
  • IPX4 Waterproof Technology
  • Fire retardant cable with TOP plug
  • Able to withstand 8 Bar Pressure
  • Child Safety Protection

Titanium Armour Technology

A special inner tank coating that prevents corrosion and rusting and results in a long tank life.

Swirl Flow Technology

The swirl flow technology ensures 20% faster heating of water and saves energy at the same.

PUF Insulation

The water stays hot for a longer time, thanks to the Polyurethane foam inserted between the outer and inner shells.

5 Star Bee Rating

BEE 5 Star rating assures it’s highly energy-efficient.

Adjustable Thermstat

Electronic thermostat helps select the precise temperature of water.

Child Safety Protection

Ensures enhanced safety, as the cut-off temperature is marked at 50 degree Celsius, which safeguards the child from any accidental hazards.

Magnesium Anode

The magnesium anode deposits magnesium in the cracks formed due to decay. Thus, ensuring zero erosion by filling the gaps.

Rust Proof External Body

Prevents rusting and corrosion of water heater from outside, making the product last long.

Additional information

Weight 14 kg
Water Heater Capacity

25 Litres

Heater Type

Storage Heater

Star Rating

5 Star


Mount Type


Rated Pressure

8 Bar

Other Features

Copper Heating Element, Shock Resistant ABS Body, Magnesium Anode ROd, IPX4 Waterproof Technology, Fire Retardant Cable, Adjustbale Thermostat

Power Consumption

3000 W

Power Supply

230V, 50 Hz Single Phase


2 / 3 / 7 years (Product / Element / Tank)

Country of Origin



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